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Kibbutznik Camp, At A Glance

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Hello, dear Kibbutznik families!
It is a pleasure to share with you some of the highlights of Kibbutznik’s summer journey. Journey happens to be a theme for this season and we could not be happier about how things develop so far!
First of all, your children are exceptionally wonderful “traveling companions”! They get excited about new things, they have great memory for Russian songs, rhymes and tongue twisters, and they seem to enjoy learning new things in Russian!
While journeying together, we talked about what each of us would need and came up with the following list:

  • luggage – we have read poems about luggage in Russian, talked about Jewish migration and historical travels and then designed and created our own suitcases
  • journals  – we developed and started personal journals for memories
  • clothes  – one of our favorite components, we talked about what people wear where and designed and created our own costumes. In this unit we have looked at books by Vitaliy Kirichenko and illustrations by Katya Florenskaya and remembered that our ancestors covered one’s head, by wearing a kippah, was described as “honoring God”.
  • hats  – children attended “an art gallery” with portraits from famous works of Art throughout history and different places in the world and then created their own hats
  • clocks and watches – did you know that The days in the past had ten hours. To keep the track of the day hours, the people looked at a shadow clock. Last week we created our own sundial with chalk and learned the importance of time & travel.
  • maps – young Kibbutzniks created labyrinths, gave each other directions to go through them, participated in a daily search and rescue of our favorite rubber chicken Ryaba – “the one that gets away” and navigated clues and maps
  • self-care and Shabbat – we celebrated Shabbat together, cooked and enjoyed snacks together, and re-told the story of Creation, Adam and Eve and Shabbat through an innovative form of Sand Art Animation

Every topic is introduced in the morning, during a whole group meeting, children share things they already know or guess about the subject. Then, our teachers and specialists  bring interactive and experiential programs where campers can engage with the content and relate to the subject.  Our main goal it to involve the children to be part of the process as students and experts and in that process, seamlessly further develop their receptive and expressive proficiency in Russian. We write down all of our ideas each afternoon and on a bus, in the park, in the pool, practically anywhere where we happen to be, the daily topics and our own ideas, get reinforced with poems, songs, and tongue twisters.
We’d like to share with you our “reading list” so after camp, kids can continue to experience their favorite works at home:
Anne-Cath.Vestly “Eight children and a Truck”
Tove Jonsson “Moomin and the Magic Hat” and Eno Raud “Three Jolly Fellows”
That is in the nutshell what is happening in Kibbutznik: lots of fun, joy and learning. Stay tuned with our daily Facebook updates, like our page HERE.  Thank you very much for choosing Kibbutznik, a Russian language immersion camp!